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No, Buddha did not preach True Self (atta, atman) in disguise as anatta.

I often come across people who claim that Buddha was just rehashing Hindu teachings in a weird way. But this is due to a flawed mode of inquiry . Buddha actually preached (as in MN 38 ) the opposite of Advaita/True Self/Universal Mind/Ground of Being/Divine Source, but if you have not gone beyond the Advaita realization yet, then there is no way for you to understand it. Most practitioners, including even some Buddhist "masters" (mostly Mahayana ones) have fallen into the Advaita trap of True Self (Atman) and think that is what Buddha meant by anatta. I originally also was in that trap, but thankfully after studying Thusness Six Stages of Awakening  and the Bahiya Sutta , and speaking with Soh Wei Yu of , I managed to get past the Universal Mind stage and dissolve into actual nibbana (as it is described in Bahiya Sutta). Nibbana is infinitely disjoint--total opposite of One Mind/Cosmic Consciousness. Imagine if you will every single atom/flow o

What if Everything is Already Perfect Without You?

What if Everything is Already Perfect Without You ? (Alan Watts sums it up Advaita style, but everyone loves his lectures.) Life seems pretty miserable, doesn't it? You have a few birthdays, you try to satisfy desires as they arise, and before you know it, your health is declining, and then you die. If you are religious, at least you hope to go to heaven. But what are the chances you chose the one true religion? Each one claims to be the only true one, and they all demand blind faith. But the one thing that almost nobody seems to consider is that they may simply be seeing reality incorrectly. In reality, everything functions  perfectly  according to natural laws. This perfection can only know itself when it’s realized that  you and I do not exist .  Sorry tho,  that’s not an excuse you can use to get away with anything. ​ ​ For some strange reason, when confronted with this realization, people often assume that their choices are meaningless, when in fact the opposite is the case.